Shower Fizzer Bundle - 6 Shower Fizzers


Our Bundle includes of of each of our aromatic shower fizzers, Awaken, Balance, Be Well, Relax, Sinus Relief, Stress Relief.

This 6 shower fizzer pack is a great way to sample all our shower steamers.  Awaken is perfect for a morning shower when you're having trouble getting going.  Stress relief is perfect after a long days work to relieve stress, tension headaches and fatigue. Relax is perfect for an evening shower to help calm and promote a restful sleep.  Balance is great anytime for a balancing reset for your emotions. Sinus Relief is great when your sinus' are congested.  Be Well is perfect during flu season to improve the immune system and kill germs in the air.

Place one shower fizzer on the floor of the shower, just out of the direct spray of water for a spa-like, aromatherapy shower.

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The best fizzers
Written by Shaw on 29th May 2023

We took a chance on these at the Tempe Arts Festival and absolutely loved them. We purchased them again from the website and are so happy to have their scent all over our bathroom again. They are very strong and last, especially if you keep them out of a direct spray and standing water. Absolutely love the blends, especially stress relief. Will definitely continue using these!

Shower Fizzers
Written by A. Thompson on 18th May 2023

I just love these so much - they are really unique and elevate a shower to a spa treatment. As with all of their other products, the scents Essential Addictions use are top-notch, have great strength of fragrance and go a long way to relaxing the user. A truly stellar product.

Great product
Written by Kathy Pierce on 11th Apr 2023

These products are great product which delivers

Great Product!
Written by Michelle Cournoyer on 3rd Aug 2022

I've bought this many times for my daughter and she's always very pleased with the product. Thank YOU!

Great Product!
Written by Michelle Cournoyer on 5th Aug 2021

I buy this product for my daughter's birthday and for Christmas every year and she loves it!

Bundle Of 6 Shower Fizzers
Written by Michelle Cournoyer on 4th Aug 2021

I bought this product at the Fourth Avenue Street Fair, in Tucson, Arizona, years ago, for my daughter's birthday and for Christmas, and she loves them! So I've been buying them ever since.

A scent for any mood!
Written by Jake C. on 26th Apr 2021

Every once and a while, you find a product you didn't know you needed, but after finding it, you can't imagine living without it. So it is for the Shower Fizzer. These little guys really level up the shower experience. I fizz up an Awaken when I roll out of bed, a Relax after a hard surf session, a stress relief after a day of meetings, you can really find the perfect fizzer for your mood/needs. I've also gifted this set to family and friends, and it's always a hit. Definitely a recommended product.